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Fresh fruit and vegetable business

We see ourselves as a link between our customers and global production.

We provide our customers with direct access to the production of imported fruit to regional vegetables. We also have a unique distribution and ripening network throughout Germany and Europe.


Fyffes is a leading international importer of tropical fruit and distributor of organic and Fairtrade bananas in Europe. The Irish company was founded over 130 years ago and is the oldest fruit brand in the world. Fyffes has been a subsidiary of the Japanese Sumitomo Corp since 2016.
Tobsine is known as the premium brand for excellent quality citrus fruits grown under the Spanish sun. Ripened in prime locations, hand-picked, carefully packaged and transported, Tobsine is distributed via upmarket fruit and vegetable retailers.
Our subsidiary Fruiton is Germany’s premium supplier of fresh fruit to offices. The entire team made up of fruit experts, logistics specialists and service providers works towards promoting healthy eating in the workplace. Fruiton operates in Denmark via the subsidiary
Die vanWylick Frischeplattform West GmbH ist mit über 150 Mitarbeitern exklusiv für ALDI Süd tätig und übernimmt die gesamte Supply Chain des O+G-Sortiments bis zur Anlieferung an die Regionalgesellschaften. Darüber hinaus bietet sie Qualitäts-, Sortier- und Verpackungsdienstleistungen an und erzielt damit einen Jahresumsatz von ca. 300 Mio. €.

Production – everything from a single source

We want to know where our produce originates from and support our customers in this endeavour by applying our own procurement concepts.

From production to delivery

vanWylick covers the entire value chain – starting with production and ending with delivery to our customers.

By working together with our partners, we can provide a comprehensive range of produce. In this way, we can guarantee the highest levels of quality and safety – all from a single source.

Our distribution network

Proximity to the market means proximity to our customers

Our 6 branches act as customer-oriented distribution and service centers.

Full-service provider
As a full-service provider, we provide our business partners with the opportunity to individually ripen, store, pack, label and pick goods, so that we can deliver them exactly on time with our fleet of vehicles or transportation partners.

Großmarkt, Dresden 1: 22 FTE’s, Dresden 2: 47 FTE’s

Spitzhausstraße 74 (Dresden 1) Kötzschenbroderstraße 133 (Dresden 2)
01139 Dresden

+ 49 (0) 351 89733994

117 FTE’s

Adam-Geisler-Straße 2
82140 Olching

+ 49 (0) 8142 65240-32

Großmarkt, 38 FTE’s

Heiliger Weg 60
44135 Dortmund

+ 49 (0) 231 29298476

167 FTE’s

Industriestraße 16
50735 Köln

+ 49 (0) 221 6503257-0

11 FTE’s

Neckarwiesenstraße 5
70188 Stuttgart

+ 49 (0) 711 20703499

Ripening. An art in itself

Cutting-edge ripening technology

Ripening bananas and exotic fruits such as avocado, kiwi or mango is a craft that requires a high degree of skill, years of experience and intuition from our specially trained ripening experts.

Ripening capacity of over 230,000 boxes per week.

Daily fresh arrivals of what we call raw produce – the fruit does not yet have its specific colour, texture or sugar levels – are refined in our modern ripening facilities so that, once ripened, the produce meets the most exacting customer requirements.

Maximum taste
For each type of fruit, there are special aspects to consider in order to ensure the most careful and exact ripening possible. By applying the optimal interaction of factors such as temperature, oxygen, CO2 levels, humidity and ethylene, the natural ripening of the fruit is recreated in our ripening chambers.

Fruchtimport vanWylick has the most modern and energy-efficient ripening facilities at its locations. The five locations in Germany enable a nationwide supply of fresh, ripened fruit every day.

Germany’s largest banana ripening company
With a ripening capacity of over 230,000 boxes (18 kg) per week, vanWylick is one of the largest banana-ripening companies in Germany. Our ripening processes enable careful refinement, thereby extending the shelf life of the fruit at the point of sale and for end-consumers. And we do all this using only 50 percent of the usual consumption of energy.

Banana ripening

Our greatest passion.

Accounting for over 40 percent of our volumes, bananas are also our most important product.

Proximity to our customers and our extensive network right up to production ensure an optimal flow of goods and information.

Freshness and efficiency
Streamlined, linear value creation enables a high level of freshness, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of efficiency. Together with our partner Fyffes plc, we have direct access to fruit from the world’s top banana-producing regions and a guaranteed supply of high-quality produce all year round.

Banana plantation

Packaging facilities

Refrigerated vessels

Ripening factories

Point of sale

Central warehouse



From the plantation to Europe

The cultivation and shipping of our bananas is largely carried out by our partner Fyffes plc, one of the largest producers and distributors of bananas in the world. In addition, we have long-standing relationships with all the major banana producers and importers in Europe.

Nine-month growth period

The most important banana-growing regions are in the Central and South American countries Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Here, after a nine-month growth period, the bananas are separated from the stem.

From green to ripe bananas
The bananas are still green, hard and not even remotely close to being sweet or ripe enough for consumption due to their high starch content. After harvesting, the “hands” are separated from the bunch, washed and packed in boxes. Assembled on large pallets, the bananas make their way around the world on ships called banana carriers. 

The bananas “sleep” on their journey
Assembled on large pallets, the bananas make their way around the world on ships. To prevent the bananas from ripening during their two-week journey, they are “put to sleep” at a temperature of 13.2°C. Due to the cool ambient air and reduced oxygen levels, all of the relevant metabolic processes within the bananas are reduced to such an extent that ripening is halted. Upon arrival at their European port of destination, they are ready for “awakening” in our ripening chambers to reach their familiar level of ripeness.

Using our modern ripening technology, the bananas are ripened under controlled conditions. The finely tuned balance between oxygen, heat, humidity and ethylene, while also taking CO2 levels into account, ensures that the bananas ripen slowly and carefully until they are ready for consumption. 

Golden yellow in colour and sugar-sweet, our bananas are now ready for delivery to our customers.

Ripening exotic fruits

From the ripening chamber to consumption

For vanWylick, the ripening of exotic fruits has become an important mainstay of its business alongside bananas. Products such as avocados, mangoes or even kiwis are matured in special ripening chambers until they are ready for consumption.

Resistant while in an unripened state
Like bananas, mangoes, kiwis and avocados are usually harvested while they are still hard and unripe. The fruits are more able to withstand transportation from the plantations to our ripening facilities while they are still in a firm, cooled state.

Once they have arrived, it is the job of our ripening specialists to develop the typical product characteristics of each fruit. Dark purple avocados, bright orange mangoes and sweet and juicy kiwis are the result of our years of experience in harvesting and ripening.

Ready-to-eat fruit

Under the steady supervision of our ripening specialists, the exotic fruits develop their exquisite flavour and texture, which ensures that they are ready to eat for the customer.