The health of consumers is at the center of our actions

Since we are dealing with fresh, natural and largely unpackaged products, our highest priority is on quality. In cooperation with our partners Capespan, Fyffes, Gemüsering and Tobsine, we monitor the entire value chain and consistenly work on improvements to quality standards.

vanWylick Fruit Safety System

The “vanWylick Fruit Safety System” is our quality management system, consisting of the Quality Management (QM) and Quality Assurance (QA) departments. It provides a mutual monitoring system and ensures that the highest standards are met.

The QA department examines the processes and hygiene standards in our operations, ensuring their compliance with the IFS (International Featured Standards). As a result, all of our operations receive outstanding scores in external adn independent IFS audits.

Quality management

The QM department focuses on products and is responsible for product and producer monitoring, residue monitoring and traceability. QM is linked to the databases of our partners and suppliers; and access is shared in both directions to maximize transparency. Managed by an integrated, multifunctional QM team of ecotrophologists, purchasing and sales staff, our QM system deals with the following tasks:

  • Continuous and systematic implementation of all customer requirements
  • Residue monitoring: centrally controlled, risk oriented and covering all subsidiaries in cooperation with accredited and QA-certified laboratories
  • Over 4,000 tests annually: a combination of in-house tests, analyses by our alliance partners, origin analyses and customer and supplier analyses
  • Joint QM database with our alliance partners Capespan, Fyffes, Gemüsering and Tobsine
  • Supplier monitoring: internal information system for monitoring e.g. deviations, safety measures and even delisting suppliers as well as auditing producers at source
  • Crisis management: routine simulation of traceability of selected items and a clear, transparent and defined procedure in the event of deviations
  • Product-related consulting: remaining in contact with specialists, e.g. BayerCropScience, Nunhems, and independent quality advisors, with a view to the latest developments
  • IFS (International Featured Standard) and organic certification of all corporate sectors; our eco-control body: DE-ÖKO-001
  • Member of the German Fruit Trade Association DFHV and 4fresh partner (
  • Member of Globalgap (

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