Fresh. Natural.

vanWylick Fruchtimport

The Way of Freshness

Delivering high quality fresh fruit and vegetables is a daily challenge that we master with passion and commitment.

Our service Areas

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Proximity to the market means proximity to our customers

The experts at our branches and in purchasing and sales strive every day to optimise economies of scale through the distribution network we have with our partners. This means that we can provide our business partners with the most cost-effective and customer-specific solutions available.

"Fruit and vegetables are not only tasty, natural products, but also contribute to a healthy lifestyle and personal well-being.

The potential of our market is exceptional because people in Germany currently only consume around 50 percent of the generally recommended amount of fruit and vegetables.”


Our top priority is not only to meet our own quality standards and those of our customers, but also to exceed them wherever possible.


Reliability in all things is a principle we live by because we regard it as the cornerstone of all relationships with our partners.


Planning ahead. Foreseeing the consequences of your own actions. Treating resources with the care they deserve. Never stop questioning your decisions.


Freshness is not something we take for granted. Freshness is more than just fresh produce. Freshness is our way of doing things. We love fruit!

Openness to technology

We adopt an open and flexible attitude towards new technologies and innovations. We are always ready to explore different technological approaches, regardless of whether they were developed internally or acquired externally. For us, openness to technology means the willingness to continuously scrutinise and improve existing processes, products or services by integrating new technologies that have the potential to offer growth, increased efficiency or competitive advantages. This is because companies that value openness to technology are agile, adaptable and utilise opportunities from a broad spectrum of technological advances to achieve their goals.

A history spanning more than 100 years

At the beginning of the last century, the Dutch merchant P. van Wylick moved to Germany to set up a wholesale fruit and vegetable business. The company Fruchtimport P. van Wylick GmbH was subsequently founded in 1937 and operated in Germany's wholesale markets.