The strategic alliance

The strategic alliance formed in 2011 between Fyffes, Gemüsering and vanWylick was expanded in 2015 by an additional international partner, Capespan, and is a unique constellation in the fruit sector.

Three plus one makes more than four.

Owner-operated companies with many years of experience and complementary expertise have created an alliance that adds value to each of its members and partners. The aim is to provide customers with an optimal, safe selection of produce from one source, at a favourable price. This is ensured by the more than 8,000 staff employed by the group.

Each of the experienced partners contributes in different ways.

Capespan Group Limited

Capespan Group Limited, Cape Town

Capespan was founded in South Africa over 90 years ago. Today, the group produces, exports and supplies goods to its partners in the retail, wholesale and bulk consumer industry through its worldwide branches in over 60 countries. Capespan is a leading supplier of grapes, citrus fruit, stone fruit and pomaceous fruit from the Southern Hemisphere. The products are distributed under the brands Cape, Outspan and Goldland.


Fyffes plc. Dublin

Fyffes is one of the largest importers and distributors of tropical fruit in Europe. With sales of over EUR 800 mn and an international infrastructure, Fyffes is a global player in a very fragmented industry. The group operates primarily in the production, procurement, shipping, ripening, distribution and marketing of bananas, pineapples and melons. At present, Fyffes markets fruit in Europe and the USA under the brand names Fyffes and Turbana; it also invests heavily in the area of production and in Asia.

Gemüsering GmbH

Gemüsering GmbH

Gemüsering was established as a sales company in 1991. Today it focuses on good quality, fresh vegetables produced locally. It has its own crops and processing plants to ensure the continued availability of fresh produce. Today, Gemüsering has 25 plants with more than 800 employees. The products are marketed mostly through food retailers. In 2012, the Gemüsering group achieved sales of more than EUR 450 million. The company’s headquarters are located in Stuttgart.