tobsine selecta Banana King
ExklusivGute ErnteParadiso

Brands that serve markets and make markets

Fresh produce of the utmost quality and safety is the cornerstone of our business. This is what brands promise. At vanWylick, we have therefore developed a versatile portfolio.

Own brands

These are our premium quality brands whereby we control the entire production chain in order to fulfil the discerning requirements of our consumers. They help our business partners to achieve distinction and generate the maximum added value possible.

Agrisol, Banana King, Cape, Fyffes, Outspan, Selecta, Tobsine, Turbana

Private labels

For greater individuality, we can also develop concepts for retailers’ private labelsown brands. In doing so, we account for the individual factors such as production, quality, international procurement and even individual packaging and price labelling, etc.

Examples are Paradiso, Gute Ernte, Exklusiv

Further brands

As a wholesaler, vanWylick traditionally works with all the major brands in the industry. Our network of buyers means anything is possible, and we aim to guarantee the enjoyment of fresh produce via the fastest logistical route.

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