Unternehmen vanWylick

Our Company

We see ourselves as the link between retailers and producers. Our customers are food retailers, specialist retailers and wholesalers as well as food-service companies. Together with our strategic partners – Capespan Ltd., South Africa, Fyffes plc, Ireland, and Gemüsering GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany as well as our own Tobsine organisation – we have our own production resources for important segments such as overseas, European fruit and locally grown vegetables. In order to compensate for external factors than can impact product availability, such as local conditions and fluctuations in climate, we can call upon an expansive network of global business contacts.

Network of distribution and sripening facilities

vanWylick is always close to its customers, with 9 distribution and service centres plus its headquarters in Düsseldorf. With our partners, we have a denser and more efficient network of distribution and ripening facilities – not only in Germany, but also in Europe. We can offer our customers professional, efficient solutions by enabling the direct and secure delivery of fruit and vegetables from a single source. Naturally we offer a whole range of additional services to enable fresh produce to be marketed successfully.

Facts and figures

vanWylick has a turnover of more than EUR 250 million, corresponding to a volume of over 250,000 tonnes per year. Operations are managed day and night by more than 300 highly qualified staff. Experienced ripening experts are responsible for 150,000 boxes (each weighing 18 kg) of bananas being carefully and perfectly ripened every week. They are increasingly overseeing the ripening of more exotic produce – such as mangos, persimmons and avocados – since the supply of ripened products helps meet consumer demand better and contributes to the optimisation of the entire value chain. Our warehouse managers make use of the latest technology in our packaging plants, thereby controlling in-house logistics. Because professional development is so important to us, up to 20 trainees are actively involved in our daily operations.

Together with our alliance partners, we achieve sales of well over EUR 2 billion, and over 8,000 staff are employed by the group around the world.

25000 t Volumen
300 Mitarbeiter
150000 Kartons Reifekapazität
Distribution und Dienstleistungszentrale
275 Millionen Euro Umsatz